Argentinian/Spanish artist, born in 1963. Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Madrid, Spain. He works in the field of computer music, sound art and audiovisual pieces, and compose with the field recordings and digital means from a minimal approach. His body of work takes different formats: recordings, concert pieces, installations and exhibitions. He has held live A/V works, multichannel acousmatic concerts, installations, and exhibitions in the America and Europe, including MUTEK AR (Argentina), Full Dome Festival (Colombia), Sonar Festival (Spain), Tsonami Festival (Chile), LEV Festival (Spain), Radar Festival (Mexico), Unsound Festival (Poland), Off Festival (Portugal), Shift Festival (Switzerland), ExperimentaClub Festival (Spain), LEM Festival (Spain), among others. He got a Grant to the Artistic Creation of the National Arts Fund, Argentina, 2017. He made artistic residencies at Elektronmusikstudion (EMS), Stockholm, Sweden, 2016 and at Arteleku, San Sebastián, Spain, 2005. He was awarded with the First Prize in the category Sound Object of the Music and Technology Foundation, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1994. Jorge Haro is professor in the Art and Sound Studies Master's degree at Tres de Febrero University, Buenos Aires. He made workshops and lectures at Complutense University, Madrid, Spain; Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain; Roskilde University, Roskilde, Denmark; University of the Arts, Guayaquil, Ecuador; Los Andes University, Bogotá, Colombia; Mexican Centre of Music and Sound Art, Morelia, Mexico; Plataforma Bogotá, Colombia; Telefónica Foundation, Lima, Peru; Gothe Institut, Buenos Aires, Argentina, among others. He teaches online courses of sound design for audiovisual pieces, Ableton Live, Max for Live and mentoring sessions at Music HackSpace (London, England). He work too in sound design, original music and audio post-production for audiovisual projects, dance and theatre.
Jorge Haro is co-curator of Escuchar [sonidos visuales] festival at Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art, Argentina.

MUTEK AR, Deseo, Buenos Aires, AR, 2023
MMAT Festival, MZ14 Cinema, Guayaquil, EC, 2022
Expanded Garden, Yrurtia Musseum, Buenos Aires, AR, 2021

Morada Sónica Festival, ClassiJazz, Almería, ES, 2020
Adventures in Silent Films, Cervantes Theatre, Buenos Aires, AR, 2019

MUTEK AR, CCK, Buenos Aires, AR, 2018
Full Dome Festival, Bogotá Planetarium, CO, 2017
Sónar +D, The Plant of Art, Buenos Aires, AR, 2016
Telefonica Foundation, Lima, PE, 2016
Experimental Electronics, New River Studios, London, UK, 2016
roBOT Festival, The Plant of Art, Buenos Aires, AR, 2015
Sound and Visual Exhibition, Convent Sant Agustí, Barcelona, ES, 2014
The International Image Festival, Fundadores Theatre, Manizales, CO, 2014
Tsonami Festival, Cultural Park, Valparaíso, CL, 2013
(h)ear - Experimental Audio Research, Kunstencentrum Signe, Heerlen, NL, 2012
Sonic Situation: The Aural Drift, MNCARS, Madrid, ES, 2012
Solis Theatre, Zavala Muñiz Hall, Montevideo, UY, 2011
MEX, Intermediale und Experimentelle Musikprojekte, Dortmund, DE, 2011
Skolska 28, Prague, CZ, 2011
LEV Festival, Laboral, Gijón, ES, 2010
Là Bas Biennale, Kiasma Teatteri, Helsinki, FI, 2010
Radar Festival, Medicine Palace, Mexico City, MX, 2010
Mexican Center for Music and Sound Art, Cultural House, Morelia, MX, 2010
Kule - Labor Sonor, Berlin, DE, 2009
Unsound Festival, Manggha Museum, Krakow, PL, 2008
Aristóteles Orsini Planetarium, Sao Paulo, BR, 2008
Off Festival, LX Factory, Lisbon, PT, 2008
Shift Festival, Concert Room, Basel, CH, 2007
Fluc, Vienna, AT, 2007
ExperimentaClub Festival, Casa Encendida, Madrid, ES, 2007
OCCC, Valencia, ES, 2006
Instants Chavirés, Montreuil, FR, 2006
Centrum Stuki Wspolczesnej, Gdansk, PL, 2006
Roskilde Universitetscenter, Roskilde, DK, 2006
LAB, Copenhagen, DK, 2006
5hype Festival, SESC Pompeia, Sao Paulo, BR, 2006
OCCC, Valencia, ES, 2006
ZDB Gallery, Lisbon, PT, 2005
Passos Manuel, Porto, PT, 2005
Golden Pudel Club, Hamburg, DE, 2005
ERTZ Festival, Kultur Etxea, Bera, ES, 2004
Observatori Festival - City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, ES, 2003
Sonic Art Encounters, MARCO Museum, Vigo, ES, 2003
Performing Arts Marathon, Casa Encendida, Madrid, ES, 2002
Interfaces 02 - Media Art, Fine Arts Museum, Montevideo, UY, 2002
LEM Festival, Gràcia District Auditorium, Barcelona, ES, 2001
Sónar Festival, CCCB, Barcelona, ES, 2000

Tsonami Festival, Rubén Darío Hall. Valparaíso, CL, 2009
Cervantes Institute, Hall of Events, Berlin, DE, 2008
Concerts at the LIMb0, French Alliance, Buenos Aires, AR, 2008
Mexican Center for Music and Sound Art, Cultural House, Morelia, MX, 2008
Spain Cultural Center, Asunción, PY, 2008
((vibra)) - Cycle of Sound Art and Experimental Music, OCCC, Valencia, ES, 2008
Shift Festival, Concert Room, Basel, CH, 2007
Viva America Festival, Casa de América, Madrid, ES, 2007

phono-graphics, Pabellón 4 - Contemporary Art, Buenos Aires, AR, 2023
c-noise [mineral], Adora Calvo Gallery, Madrid, ES, 2022
modul+ [multi-channel 2D spectral version], Plataforma Bogotá, Bogotá, CO, 2018
dinámica [input], Espacio Pla, Buenos Aires, AR, 2017
a>v 2.0 [a/i version], MOCK gallery, Buenos Aires, AR, 2013
u_1.0 [snap_black box] (multi-channel sound installation), CCE MVD, Montevideo, UY, 2005
u_1.0 [snap_black box] (multi-channel sound installation), Arteleku, Donosti, ES, 2005

Le Son 7, New York, USA, 2024
Le Son 7, Madrid, ES, 2023
Le Son 7, London, UK, 2022
MUTEK AR (Félix Sainz + Jorge Haro), Buenos Aires, AR, 2022
MUTEK AR/ES Hybrid Edition, 2021
Audiosphere Exhibition, MNCARS, Madrid, ES, 2020
The Ruins that the Void Left, Pabellón 4 Contemporary Art, Buenos Aires, AR, 2020
VideoEX, Kunstraum Walcheturm, Zurich, CH, 2020
Exposures, Argentine Ambassador’s Official Residence, London, UK, 2019
arteBA, La Rural Exhibition Fair, Buenos Aires, AR, 2019
Art Lima, Pabellón 4 Contemporary Art, Lima, PE, 2018
Thresholds - Sound Spaces, CCR, Buenos Aires, AR, 2015
Nomádes... Hosted by on Neue Musik Köln Plattform für Künstlerische Produktion, Köln, DE, 2013
Tage für Klang und Bewegte Visuelle Kunst, Weiße Halle/Eisfabrik, Hannover, DE, 2009
Fin del Mundo Biennale, Ushuaia, AR, 2007
Net Art, Spain Cultural Center (CCEBA), Buenos Aires, AR, 2006
Champ Libre Biennale, Montreal, CA, 2004
Video and New Media Biennale, Santiago de Chile, CL, 2003
Fin del Mundo Exhibition, Spain Cultural Center, Córdoba, AR, 2003
Sónar Cinema, CCCB, Barcelona, ES, 2002
Internationale Filmmusik Biennale, Bonn, DE, 1999


fracture (2024). Digital track
00:28:53 - A possible compilation of laptop music (2022). CD | Digital EP
c-noise [mineral] (2022). Digital track
spb 2 (solo) (2021). Digital track
comp [reboot] live (2020). Digital EP
modul+ m (2018). Digital track
blur spaces [MNCARS sound drift] (2012, remastered 2021). Digital track
a>v [remodeled version] (2012, remodeled version 2021). Digital EP
2008, remodeled and remastered version 2024). Digital album.
u_1.0 [snap_black box] (2005, stereo excerpt single version 2020). Digital track


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