jorge haro

dinámica [input]



Pieces based on the visualization of sound, the capture and amplification of material’s vibrations. A visual and audiovisual experience that contain’s a translation of sound parameters (tone, intensity, duration and timbre) in light and movement. The dinámica [input] pieces convert physics phenomena in an aesthetic experience.


Serie de piezas basadas en la visualización del sonido, la captura y amplificación de vibraciones. Una experiencia visual y audio-visual en la que se traducen parámetros del sonido (altura, intensidad, duración y timbre) en luz y movimiento. Las piezas de dinámica [input] convierten fenómenos físicos en experiencias estéticas.


TXT by Julieta Sepich (spanish)



Mixed media

Dimensions: 110 (X) 35 (Y)

Glass | 20 LED lights | Arduino MEGA | LCD display



Mixed media

Dimensions: 110 (X) 35 (Y)

Digital image printing on glass | Automated light system



Mixed media

Dimensions: 70 (X) 20 (Y) 35 (Z)

Tank  | 3 vibration motors | Hydrophone | 2 contact microphones | Arduino One | 4 ch portable audio mixer | HQ headphones



Mixed media

Professional DJ turntable | 10 inch vinyl record | 2 ch portable audio mixer | Synchronator | Composite video projection | Print display

A video of dinámica [input] at Espacio Pla, Buenos Aires, is available on Vimeo


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